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Deva Group Enterprises, LLC was formed by a diverse group of people, who though successful in the world, were left with the profound sense that there must be more to life than material success. In this ongoing inquiry we were blessed to study with Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami in India and receive practical and experiential knowledge to help fulfill his divine mission to “wake up” and heal the planet. Sri Kaleshwar’s teachings come from ancient Indian palm leaf texts and from the divine lineage of saints that includes himself, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, Buddha and many others. This knowledge has transformed our lives. In 2004 Sri Kaleshwar asked us to start Deva in the West. Just before he took Samadhi (consciously left his body) in 2013 he told us once again to keep Deva going to bring this knowledge to the globe.

Our mission is simple: “To bring the ancient Indian spiritual knowledge to the world for the healing and enlightenment of all.”

Privacy Policy

Because Deva Group Enterprises, LLC respects your privacy, keeping your information safe and secure is of paramount importance to us. We use industry-standard security measures to assure the privacy of your credit card and all other information you provide to us. We may share certain event registration information with a promoted author for purposes of event management and organization. However, we will not share any information about event registrants and website subscribers with any unaffiliated organizations or individuals.

Deva Group Enterprises, LLC is a U.S. based company established to bring the ancient knowledge of India and the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar and his lineage to the world through books, videos and audio CDs. The privacy policies and practices described here may be amended at any time. As required by law applicable changes will be posted on this website.

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